Traditionally Manufactured Underslating Felt

Chestershield Underslating Felt is a traditionally manufactured, hessian-backed felt for use under tiles or slates. Its fibre base is fully impregnated with a penetration grade bitumen in a saturation bath prior to being jointed with a jute hessian in the coating section.

Coating bitumen is then applied, laminating the hessian to the underside of the saturated base and covering both the top and bottom surfaces. The resulting felt is lightly sanded both sides to prevent sticking.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Traditionally manufactured underslating felt

• For use in ventilated cold pitched roofs

• Bat friendly

• Formerly known as BS 747 type 1F


Chestershield Underslating Felt

Accreditations and Certifications

Product Information
Product CodeRoll LengthRoll WidthPallet Quantity
P14015m1m36 rolls


Chestershield Underslating Felt is suitable for use under tiles or slates, particularly where the felt is not fully supported by boarding.

Installation Guidelines

This product should be installed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and all relevant national standards and codes of practice, including BS 8217:2005 – the code of practice for reinforced bitumen membranes for roofing.

Maintenance and Repair

The felt can be repaired if damaged during construction, but routine inspection or maintenance once the roof has been finished is not practicable.


Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13707:2004+A2:2009 – Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing.

Effects of Light and Heat

This felt is not for exposure to ultra violet light for lengthy periods, but it does provide weather protection to the building underneath until the tiles or slates are fitted. We do recommend tiles or slates to be fitted as soon as practicably possible. On the finished roof the felt is unaffected by temperatures ranging from summer heat to freezing conditions in winter.

Handling and Storage

The felt should be handled carefully. Though more robust than non-reinforced felts, the rolls should be stored on end on a flat surface and protected from damage. The felt can be damaged by sharp objects or implements and care should be taken once the felt is laid.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety should be observed at all times in accordance with HSE and industry guidance. Specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements should be produced by contractors where necessary to ensure Working at Heights, Fire Safety and Manual Handling rules are compliant with current law and regulations. Health and safety data sheets are available for all materials on request from Chesterfelt.


UKCA certified & CE Marked to EN 13707:2004+A2:2009.
CE Certificate Number: 0086-CPR-595938.
UKCA Certificate Number: 0086 CPR 753192.

Quality Assurance

Chestershield is manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems (QMS).

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